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Professional Furnace & Heating Repair Services for Optimal Warmth in Commercial and Residential Spaces.

Residential & Commercial Furnace and Heating System Repair Services

s your heater malfunctioning? It’s a challenging situation for any household, especially amidst a New Jersey winter. Avoid the chill by seeking heating repairs for your home in North Bergen, NJ, without delay. Fred’s Climate Control can swiftly address your heating issues, restoring warmth and comfort to your home.

We provide heating repair services in Hudson County, Passaic County, Bergen County, and nearby areas. Additionally, we offer heating maintenance services for the off-season. Ensure your boiler and furnace are prepared for the colder months with our expert team by your side.

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Reasons Why You May Need Heating & Furnace Repair

Your heating system will often show signs of trouble before it completely fails to operate. Here are some key indicators that you need heating repairs:

  • You constantly need to increase the thermostat setting, yet your home still doesn’t feel warm enough.
  • There are inconsistent temperatures, with hot and cold spots in different areas of your house.
  • The furnace emits a gas odor.
  • Unusual noises are coming from the furnace.
  • There’s a noticeable spike in your electricity bill.
  • The pilot light in your furnace is yellow instead of blue.

Air Conditioning Reviews & More

Earning Our Customers Trust, One Air Conditioning Installation At A Time.

Ragini Okhandiar
May 24, 2024
Excellent service from Fred's! They came on time and priced us very reasonably for installation of our A/C units. Job was very well done!
May 7, 2024
Freddy and Luis did excellent job, they work faster and excellent We are very happy of they job
Erick Sanchez
May 1, 2024
I couldn't ask for a better experience. Fred and team stopped by in the AM to diagnose the issue with my HVAC unit (not cooling) They offered me multiple solutions and truly wanted to go with the most cost effective option... They returned in the afternoon and had me up and running in no time. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. For those of you reading reviews... THIS IS YOUR GUY! You will be beyond satisfied knowing that Fred's pricing is extremely fair and his experience and knowledge is top notch! Thanks again for being so thorough and clean with my repairs.
Isaac Collazo
April 30, 2024
I honestly couldn’t be happier choosing Fred to do the job I truly needed to be done. I told him what I wanted, and he did exactly what I asked for. He even made a few suggestions that I’m grateful for. Truly recommend his expertise when it comes to making some of the decisions I was stuck on.
April 8, 2024
Fred and Louise is absolutely fantasic. They are licensed professionals, as I can see. And they are transparent about the price, and they are reasonable, affordable!
Jorge Cruz
April 1, 2024
Fred and his crew serviced my furnace, I'm a happy camper again. Wifey will be happy. She is always cold 🥶 Thank you
March 26, 2024
Fred was very fast, professional and friendly. He also had the best price. I highly recommend him!
Luis Brizuela
March 20, 2024
Great friendly service directly by owner. Highly recommend.
ron nahum
February 9, 2024
This company taking care of smaller HVAC units for me and one big one that is installed on the roof of a large size office building. I am happy with the service the response and caring all the time. I will use them again and again.

Top Major Issues That May Occur With Heating Systems

  • Faulty Ignition or Pilot Light: The ignition system or pilot light can fail, preventing the furnace from starting or staying lit.
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat: A defective thermostat can lead to problems with temperature regulation and system operation.
  • Blower Motor Issues: If the blower motor fails or has problems, it can affect the furnace’s ability to distribute warm air throughout the home.
  • Clogged or Dirty Filters: Dirty air filters can restrict airflow, reducing the furnace’s efficiency and potentially causing it to overheat.
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger: A cracked heat exchanger can be a serious issue, potentially releasing carbon monoxide into the home. It needs immediate repair or replacement.
  • Worn or Faulty Belts: Worn belts in the blower motor can lead to reduced efficiency and increased noise.
  • Limit Switch Problems: A faulty limit switch can cause the blower fan to run continuously, leading to excessive wear and higher energy costs.
  • Leaky Ductwork: Leaks in the ductwork can result in lost heat and uneven heating throughout the home.
  • Electrical Issues: Wiring problems, blown fuses, or tripped circuit breakers can disrupt the power supply to the furnace.
  • Gas Valve or Pressure Issues: Problems with the gas valve or gas pressure can affect the furnace’s ability to generate heat.

Looking For Furnace & Heating Repair Services Near Me?

Fred’s Climate Control is proud to offer professional heating repair services, in addition to a wide range of other solutions, to diverse communities across Hudson County, Passaic County, Bergen County, and nearby areas.

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