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Efficient AC Installation and Replacement Services for Ultimate Cooling Comfort in Commercial and Residential Spaces.

Home And Commercial Air Conditioning Services In Hudson County.

A home without air conditioning in the summer is far from comfortable. Instead of enjoying a season filled with relaxation and joy, it turns into a period of discomfort and frustration. Don’t let this be your summer story! At the first sign of trouble with your cooling system, reach out to our skilled HVAC technicians for expert AC repair and maintenance.

If your system requires frequent repairs, it might be time to consider a home air conditioning replacement. Fred’s Climate Control is fully certified and licensed to manage these installations, ensuring a swift process so you can start enjoying a cooler home again.

We provide home air conditioning services throughout North Bergen, Union City, Rutherford, Clifton and Surrounding Areas.

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Sings That You May Need A New Air Conditioning Unit:

Frequent Repairs: If your AC unit requires constant repairs and the costs are adding up, it might be more economical to invest in a new system.

Inadequate Cooling: If your air conditioner struggles to maintain a comfortable temperature or there are noticeable hot spots in your home, it could be a sign of an aging or failing unit.

AC Unit Is Making Noises: Screeching, banging, rattling and extremely loud noises are signs of a defective unit. 

Age of the Unit: If your air conditioning unit is more than 10-15 years old, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan and could benefit from an upgrade to a more energy-efficient model.

Air Conditioning Reviews & More

Earning Our Customers Trust, One Air Conditioning Installation At A Time.

Ragini Okhandiar
May 24, 2024
Excellent service from Fred's! They came on time and priced us very reasonably for installation of our A/C units. Job was very well done!
May 7, 2024
Freddy and Luis did excellent job, they work faster and excellent We are very happy of they job
Erick Sanchez
May 1, 2024
I couldn't ask for a better experience. Fred and team stopped by in the AM to diagnose the issue with my HVAC unit (not cooling) They offered me multiple solutions and truly wanted to go with the most cost effective option... They returned in the afternoon and had me up and running in no time. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. For those of you reading reviews... THIS IS YOUR GUY! You will be beyond satisfied knowing that Fred's pricing is extremely fair and his experience and knowledge is top notch! Thanks again for being so thorough and clean with my repairs.
Isaac Collazo
April 30, 2024
I honestly couldn’t be happier choosing Fred to do the job I truly needed to be done. I told him what I wanted, and he did exactly what I asked for. He even made a few suggestions that I’m grateful for. Truly recommend his expertise when it comes to making some of the decisions I was stuck on.
April 8, 2024
Fred and Louise is absolutely fantasic. They are licensed professionals, as I can see. And they are transparent about the price, and they are reasonable, affordable!
Jorge Cruz
April 1, 2024
Fred and his crew serviced my furnace, I'm a happy camper again. Wifey will be happy. She is always cold 🥶 Thank you
March 26, 2024
Fred was very fast, professional and friendly. He also had the best price. I highly recommend him!
Luis Brizuela
March 20, 2024
Great friendly service directly by owner. Highly recommend.
ron nahum
February 9, 2024
This company taking care of smaller HVAC units for me and one big one that is installed on the roof of a large size office building. I am happy with the service the response and caring all the time. I will use them again and again.

Complete Air Conditioning Solutions:

Types of AC units for home and Businesses. If you do not see your unit, contact us, chances are we do service your unit type. 

  • Central Air Conditioning: A system that cools the entire building through a network of ducts, typically used in larger homes and commercial spaces.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Systems: Ideal for homes or businesses without ductwork, these systems provide zoned cooling and heating with individual units mounted on walls.
  • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs): Commonly found in commercial settings like hotels and offices, these units are installed through the wall and provide individual room cooling and heating.
  • Roof-Top Units (RTUs): Mounted on the roofs of commercial buildings, providing centralized cooling and sometimes heating.
  • Split Systems: Comprising an outdoor unit (condenser) and an indoor unit (evaporator), used in both residential and commercial settings.

Looking For Air Conditioning Services Near Me?

Fred’s Climate Control is proud to offer air conditioning installation and a range of other services to numerous communities across Hudson County, Passaic County, Bergen County, and nearby areas.

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